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Our EYES. The path to seeing into our soul.

The pupils dilate from light, chemical alterations.

When we smile, our mouth, despite being hidden lately behind a mask; allow our eyes to portray that expression.

Squinting.....deeper wrinkles reveal, surrounding the eyes to share our smile.

When sad, we have tears.

A vulnerable look.

The eyes tell us things that words cannot speak.

People often do not look you straight in the eye, when anxious, scared, or shy.

You can see fear in someone’s eyes.

The eyes protect us from things we do not wish to see.

We often close our eyes during scary movies or things we do not wish to see.

Why do we feel safer at times when our eyes are covered? Why does it give us a sense of protection? When afraid we close our eyes and cover them with our hands. As if it’s protecting us.

We feel as if, if we do not actually see it, it never happened.

In the movie “Big Daddy”, the young boy, 5 years old, wore sunglasses too feel safe, believing that no one could see into his eyes, therefore, he was invisible.

Many blind people, although they cannot see; wear sunglasses to not allow others to see in to their eyes.

When we close our eyes, we allow other senses to take over.


That is why, we close our eyes during prayer, meditation or during a massage.

It is to allow us to connect deeper into our mind, body, soul.

It is to disconnect from the outside world and focus inward.

During sex or while masturbating, many close their eyes as they get closer to climax.

It allows you to focus on the sensations and pleasure without finding distractions.

During kinky sex, many blindfold their partner to heighten the senses for arousal and keep their partner focused on only what stimulations and sensations they are feeling.

We close our eyes when we kiss someone, to fully allow ourselves to feel it; in that moment. No distractions. Just pleasure.

Our eyes reveal many nonverbal emotions- anger, sadness, happiness, pleasure or pain.

When we wink with our eyes it’s a non verbal sign of flirtation. Playful.

Models and actors are trained to use their eyes as a means to show their emotions. To portray what is meant to be seen. In photography or silent films.

I have always had a fascination with eyes. The way they look, color, shape.

Each one revealing something different.

Ethnicity - Emotions - None verbals

The eyes “see” what they choose to. That is why during a crime scenes, they have numerous eye-witnesses and many with different memories and portrayals of what they saw.

If someone is an artist or a viewer; the perception of the artwork is open to interpretation.

There is a quote about artwork - "Art should comfort the disturb and disturb the comforted."

Photographers capture through a lens what many could not, because they don't see what that talented eye does. The way they look at a scene and just know the lighting, angle and the affect it will have if taken with a camera.

There is a saying, “The eyes are useless if the mind is blind” - How true.

All our emotions, perceptions would be nothing if the mind didn’t communicate to us what we feel, enabling us to unconsciously reveal it.

Below is an article I found to support my beliefs.

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