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HIGHER POWER - Religion - Spirituality

I had an interesting session with a client today. The discuss was about:

Higher Power




I want to share this session in my blog because this is not the first time I have had a client question their religion, spirituality or what is the meaning of life!

Most of the time, humans challenge this concept of G-d or a higher power in difficult moments or when encountering life experiences that just don’t make sense or are too emotional to comprehend why…..

My client shared that lately she has been questioning her faith and the belief system that was instilled in her since birth. She grew up in a religious household, attended church every Holiday and Sunday and was taught that the purpose of her life was to be kind to others, spread the word of faith and do good in the world.

I have to say, she is a kind soul. Her energy is warm. She is an intellect, non judge mental and open minded. She works in environmental science, trying to save the planet and lives a humble life.

She is trying to understand what religion means to her and how it can co-exist with becoming spiritual.

We began discussing what is each humans life purpose? Passion? Is their a G-d or higher power? Different religious beliefs. Is there an after life? Reincarnation? Nature vs nurture. Spirituality. Energy. Universe.

Below I will give some details we discussed related to each topic. This is philosophical and what her and I both agreed - There is no right or wrong. Only our perception.

Yes, society creates morals, values and justice to keep order - but the reality is; what is truth? What is right? Wrong?

If this philosophical question interests you- read, “The Republic” by Plato who really took the beliefs of Socrates.


Does each human have a purpose? Are we born with inner talents and gifts to share with this world and develop passions? or can talents be cultivated? Or both?

A purpose to me is something you naturally are good at and love doing on your own. It doesn’t matter if you’re paid for it - you derive pleasure from it.

Or maybe you don’t derive pleasure from it, but you know that your purpose helps others and is for the ‘greater good.’

(Maybe you go through challenges to be an example of strength.)

Passion - That is something you derive pleasure from, but aren’t necessarily good at it naturally or at all. You just to it because it makes you feel good! (Dancing despite not having rhythm.)


We both agreed there is something. What exactly it is, we aren’t sure.

Is G-d as we envision in heaven on a cloud that is in the form of a man? Is G-d energy surrounding us at all times? Is there a hell?

Where do we go when we die?

G-d is the word we use to give meaning to our faith. My client grew up Christain and her definition for G-d is different from that of someone Jewish or Muslim.

She never stopped to think that she considers G-d only as she has been taught to believe he is. Oblivious to the fact that other religions use the same term ‘G-d’ but give it a different meaning. Which lead us into the reality that; had she been born into a different religious family with opposing beliefs from what she was raised to believe, she wouldn’t have known the difference and she would have felt that other belief system was ‘correct.’

The term G-d is used in many religions and some cultures even have more than one!

Who is ‘right’?

Is there a ‘wrong’?

Every word only has the meaning we give it. Thank about other languages. There might be a word in English and a word in Italian and it’s the same word, spelt the same - but they have different meanings…..

“Does our thoughts create our reality? Or does our reality create our thoughts?” - Dr. Joe Dispenza

Nature vs nurture - Are we born with pre-existing beliefs? Moral compass? Or is it taught?

If you are born within a small tribe and your religious beliefs and culture believes that nudity is acceptable and than you go visit another country and they believe nudity should be private - who is ‘right?’


I cannot say I have experienced either to know what is real, but I will say that I personally know people who have been pronounced dead, had a ‘near death experience’ and came back to tell of it. Despite opposing religious beliefs, both peoples encounters were similar.

They felt a warm, happy and euphoric feeling like nothing they could explain fully or compare to with a living emotion. They both said they saw their family and other beings. They both shared they felt so good that they didn’t want to come back to life. They both said they heard someone say, “it’s not your time yet.” And back into their body the went!

There individual details for each person, but nothing religious based.

There is also a documentary called, “Surviving Death” on Netflix that interviews people who have had near death experiences, mediums who speak to the other side and children who are living proof of reincarnation.

There is another documentary called, “The Story of G-d” hosted by Morgan Freeman on Netflix and he visits the holiest places around the world and speaks with priests, rabbis, nuns, monks and people who have encountered near death experiences.


Can you be both religious and spiritual? Of course! You can be whatever you choose to be. Research all religions and spiritual beliefs and find what speaks to you!

Spirituality is open minded humans seeking balance and inner peace.

There are so many categories within this topic that I won’t go into too much, other than ENERGY!

I speak of it often in my blogs and social media posts. We are energy and everything is energy! This is proven by science and I personally experience moments where I alter energy and manifest things in my life!

Law of attraction/the secret - The practice is the same. Think positive to relieve Positive Energy into your life!

“What you think. You become.” - Buddha

Research -

Have you ever heard the expression that the full moon makes people crazy? Well, there is some science to support that theory. New research proposes that the moon's phases affect not only the earth's tides, but also the sleep patterns of people with rapid cycling bipolar disorder— and, as a result, their moods. A 2018 study showed that 17 people with bipolar disorder tend to switch rapidly from depression to manic during lunar patterns.

The most physical connection between our planet and the Moon are its daily effects on the ocean. The gravitational energy of the sun and moon on the earth also causes waves.

You may have noticed you have trouble sleeping, concentrating, or remaining calm during a full moon. It's common to feel this way because the energy of the full moon stirs up your emotions, which can cause anxiety.

NATURE -TREES have a healing energy aside from giving us oxygen.

Watch on Netflix, “The Hidden Life of Trees”

“Trees have been involved in numerous religious and spiritual practices. Even biblical scriptures mention trees as in the “tree of life” and the “tree of knowledge of good and evil” in the book of Genesis. Buddhism has connections to the Bodhi tree where Buddha was known to have reached enlightenment as he sat and meditated. Druids were known to practice worship among sacred groves of trees.

The Kabbalist recognize the fifteenth of the month of Aquarius, the day known as Tu B’Shevat, the birthday of the trees. It is the 24 hour window in time in which the trees receive their energy for the entire year–whether they will grow and whether fruits will grow from them. Trees have a long and rich history of sharing the spiritual path with humanity.”

“Smithsonian and Nasa show that mild vibrations increase growth in plants while harsher, stronger vibrations have a negative effect,” Dr Hes explains. “The vibrations improve communication and photosynthesis, which improves growth and the ability to fight infection. You could say the plants are happy!”

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