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You might find at times that life is too challenging to continue. Figuratively, not literally, or maybe so.

You feel the heaviness of your own emotions weighing you down as if your leg is tied to a rope that connects to a stone and that stone has been dropped into the ocean and you’re slowing sinking and drowning with no one to save you and you cannot comprehend a way to save yourself. 

Have you ever felt that? Emotional despair to the extent of anxiety, that you feel like you’re suffocating? Or emotionally shut down, that you’ve become numb?

What do you do? Do you trust anyone enough to share these emotions? Without fear of judgement, rejection or being ignored.

Is there any part of you in those moments that feels hope? Or at least wants to believe there might be some?

That is the key to surviving your emotions. Having even the smallest amount of HOPE!

You can cry, scream, want to give up…..but the KEY is to find that part of you that has some hope and follow it…..

Remind yourself of times you felt that way before or maybe had challenges you overcame and how the fight is still in you! 

If you believe in a higher power, pray- manifest - meditate. 

If you don’t, that’s okay! Find something you believe in, that is greater than your negative emotions. Maybe it’s the love you have for your partner and/or child - use them as a means to survive. Use them as your reason for HOPE! 

Begin with small steps- 

1. Take a few deep breaths and allow yourself to slow down your thoughts and heart rate. I know at times when we’re anxious, our thoughts are racing 10000000 miles a minute and we cannot even think clearly. 

2. Take out a piece of paper or your pen and write or type your emotions. Allow them to flow without filter. Journal them until you have nothing left to say. Without structure. You can list random words you’re feeling. 







- Hate my fu*king life!

(Writing is better because it’s hands on and allows you to be more focused!)

3. After you let it all out……write on a new paper or type into your phone what you would envision for your life if you could have everything you want! No limits!




-Become closer to my family 

- Confidence 

4. Now take a moment and * next to your top two priorities on the list of what you’d like to achieve. 

5. Are they achievable? If so, begin to brainstorm how you might approach that goal. 

If it’s not, think how you can accept the reality of it and think of a way you can find peace within about it. Maybe it means going to therapy, taking an art class that is therapeutic, being in nature more often - finding ways to fulfill that part of you that needs to accept something you struggle with accepting. 

6. What you can change, begin to focus on that! Envision it happening for you - the life you want for yourself!  Close your eyes and see it! Think of ways to achieve it and write it down. 

Give yourself a list of steps you can take to achieve it - be realistic!

7. Give yourself a healthy routine everyday; structure is IMPORTANT! 

8. Set your alarm and each night plan what you can do the following day to be one step closer to your GOAL!

It’s okay to feel discouraged throughout this process or have moments where you feel overwhelmed - keep reminding yourself of the higher power or purpose that is greater than you and believe that you can overcome your challenge, because you’ve done it before!

“You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think!” - Winnie The Pooh

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