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People usually fall into two categories.

  1. They are stressed, anxious, or depressed and they choose to isolate from family, friends and the world, stay home, be alone and maybe sleep to pass the time.

  2. OR they become, in a sense, manic. They seek things to distract themselves, even if its just for the moment and when they do this; they do not always choose healthy distractions.


The 4 S’s

1. Sleeping (isolating/lack of motivation)

2. Spending (irrational/impulsive spending for materialism)

3. Substances (escaping reality)

4. Sex (we all know it’s good! But is it always?)

The most important thing to do when you are feeling that you need a distraction, is to fill your time with healthy events. Below are some examples of things you can do that enrich your life not only in the moment but long term.

If you feel that you are the type of person that struggles in those moments to feel motivated to leave your house or do something; make a list now, that you can look at when you are feeling a sense of boredom, stress, anxiety or depression and allow the list to be your guide and motivation to do something that is a healthy distraction.

Google is a great resource. Use it to find things to do in your area. "Things to do in Miami (or wherever you are) this weekend" is something I search almost every week when I want to plan ahead for myself.


1. Be in nature- bike, beach, garden, hike

2. Be active- workout

3. Explore somewhere new (museum, garden, art exhibit, walk around somewhere or try a restaurant)

4. Try something new (try something on this list or something you've been wanting to do)

5. Dance, sing, music

6. Be creative - art, write, play an instrument

7. Clean and feel organized

8. Cook

9. Read a book

10. Watch a movie/documentary (learn something)

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