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In all relationships, there are ups and downs. There are challenges we overcome as individuals, as well as a couple. When you truly love someone and want the relationship to be healthy and successful, there are unwritten expectations that you shouldn’t settle for less than.

You should also give your partner these qualities.

1. Be with someone who keeps their word. Unless there is an emergency or valid reason, it’s important to know that when your partner says something, they mean it. It builds trust and allows you to feel confident that you can depend on them. What is a relationship if you can’t trust your partners words or feel you can’t depend on them? It would mean nothing.

2. Be with someone who wants to share quality time. Quality time for everyone is different. It could mean staying home together and watching movies. It could mean going out to dinner and dancing. It could mean traveling or doing an activity that you both enjoy. It is important in a relationship to spend quality time that allows you to grow individually and together. By sharing a common interest, it will create lasting happy memories.

3. Be with someone who loves you unconditionally. Someone you know you can always depend on. Someone you know that when you’re sick, depressed, upset or going through a difficult time in life, they will be there for you. They are understanding of your emotions without judgement.

4. Be with someone who values your worth and makes you a priority. It is realistic to say that we can’t always be priority. But, overall in a healthy relationship, your partner should make you priority.

5. Be with someone who is willing to compromise for you. A relationship is give and take. Healthy balance and equality. Sometimes your needs might be priority or sometimes theirs. It’s important to be aware of each other’s needs and have healthy communication.

6. Be with someone who knows how to “fight fair”. Meaning, it’s normal and healthy to have arguments and disagreements, but you have to have open communication and understanding for each other’s point of view. Respect your differences, but be open minded to understanding what you each feel, even if you don't agree.

7. Be with someone who is respectful and knows boundaries. Every relationship has their own definition of boundaries. Most would say flirtation and speaking to ex’s is not okay. The past is the past, leave it there. Focus on who you’re with in the present and work towards the future. If you are happy in your relationship you shouldn’t need the attention of others, not even “innocent flirtation.”

8. Be with someone who is romantic and thoughtful. Small thoughtful gestures and gifts can mean more than big ones. It’s the thought that counts, especially when you least expect

it. A random text sharing their feelings. Loving gestures like a small written note or surprising you with your favorite candy. It allows you to feel reassured in your relationship.

9. Be with someone who is your best friend. Someone who loves you at your best and worse. Believes in your potential and stands by you. Someone you can feel comfortable with being yourself. Someone you can laugh with and be silly or you can cry and share your deepest thoughts.

10. Be with someone who plans for your future with them and is consistent in the present.

When you are both committed to loving each other, respecting each other and making each other happy....The relationship is destined for success!

Side note- Take the love language test and find our your love language and your partners.

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