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Religious and Spiritual Group

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You might be asking why I collaborated religion with spirituality for this group - the answer is simple! They are connected in many ways. Read my blog on Religion and Spirituality for an in-depth discussion.

This group is for those who believe in a higher power from a religious background and/or those who are spiritual. You might even be someone questioning your belief system and want to share your thoughts in this group to hear insight from others. This safe space is for open communication and respecting each others differences.

Group Rules

Respect one another

Everyone has a different point of view so feel free to respectfully disagree. Please be kind and courteous at all times.

Be respectful of others’ privacy

Being in this group depends on our trust of one another. Some discussions may be sensitive or contain sensitive information, so what’s said in the group should stay in the group.

Copyright infringement and trademark

When sharing others people’s posts, images and other content, do not infringe on their copyright or claim other people’s materials as your own.

No harassment of any kind

Bullying, targeting, or attacking a member of this group is not allowed and will not be tolerated.

No sales or spam

No selling to or spamming other members is allowed in this group. Anyone who does so will be subject to immediate removal.


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  • September 6, 2022


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