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What life do you envision for yourself if you could manifest your future? 

What goals have you always wanted to achieve? 

If you had a magic lamp- what 3 wishes would you choose to change your life in the present moment?

My mission is to provide a safe space for insightful discussions. 

Together, through the use of diverse psychological methodologies, you will acquire healthy life-changing behaviors necessary to achieve your goals. We will explore the root cause and reasons why you might feel “stuck” and develop a plan to keep you on track and accountable so that you can overcome any challenges and live the best version of yourself. 

An honest and meaningful relationship with yourself is where the magic happens. It all begins from within. When you are internally aligned and find your inner balance, happiness and peace;  that is when you are fully capable of growing and make positive strides to nourish everything around you and see it flourish.


I am empathetic, but..... 

direct in my approach and I will not sugarcoat or enable you- It is my mission to guide you and encourage you to be the greatest version of YOU!


I am trained in IFS Therapy (to learn more about this method - Read the article I wrote in my blog section)


Do not be limited by the beliefs others tell you or the limits you set within your own mind due to fear. You are capable of achieving the unthinkable. You just have to believe there are no limits. There is only you, your determination and the ability to succeed.

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I am a Licensed Therapist in Miami, FL. offering in-person and global virtual services.

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Types of therapeutic approach:

Humanistic therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 

Psychodynamic Therapy

Psychoanalytic Therapy

Holistic and Alternative Therapy

Internal Family Systems Therapy 

Family Systems Therapy

Art Therapy 

Individual Therapy

Family Therapy

Couples Therapy 

Everyone responds differently to different approaches. My mission is to cultivate our therapeutic process with the methodology that best aligns with your personality and needs for success!

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